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A Review of the 2024 Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show

05/16/2024 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
The Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show (DMEMS) in Del Mar, California, recently took place at an unlikely venue: the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Doug Bodenstab, founder and show organizer, says the show covers everything in electronics manufacturing: design tools, components, base materials, training, testing, board fabrication, AI, data analytics, and more. While you can find about anything online these days, Bodenstab adds that there is no substitute for meeting people in person.

IPC Focuses on Education and Onboarding

05/09/2024 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine
I recently spoke with Carlos Plaza, senior director of education for IPC, about expanding educational efforts in the PCB design, fabrication, and assembly segments. As Carlos explains, PCB design is a hot topic, but onboarding may be the hottest one of all.

Real Time with…. IPC APEX EXPO 2024: Innovation and Collaboration at EPTAC

05/06/2024 | Real Time with...IPC APEX EXPO
Guest Editor Kelly Dack and EPTAC Vice President Leo Lambert discuss the partnership between EPTAC and Blackfox, their program alignment, and future expansion plans. Leo introduces Burak Gokmen as the new "leader of the pack." The focus then shifts to Nano Dimensions' 3D printed circuit boards, emphasizing the need for proper documentation and training.

The Right Approach: I Hear the Train A Comin'

04/25/2024 | Steve Williams -- Column: The Right Approach
Training is often an afterthought in many organizations, and the longer a company has been in business, the more this seems to apply. Over the past couple of decades, it has been amazing to observe that the biggest offenders of this are the companies that overuse the sound bite, “Our most important assets are our people.” When you dig into the process and peel back the onion, their commitment to training is not commensurate with that statement.

Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2024: Tools, Training, and Trends in Manufacturing Engineering

04/25/2024 | Real Time with...IPC APEX EXPO
Guest Editor Kelly Dack and Product Specialist Erik Bateham of Polar Instruments discuss Polar's latest technology, including their role in aiding manufacturing engineers. They highlight the advanced capabilities of Polar's tools and the critical role of signal integrity analysis, as well as the importance of accurate modeling in board manufacturing. Polar's unique training approach and demonstration contact details are also explored.
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