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KemLab Inc. Redefines Semiconductor Procurement: First Resist Company to Offer Small Volumes and Samples Online

10/31/2023 | KemLab Inc.
KemLab Inc., a pioneering developer of advanced materials for microelectronics and MEMS applications, is pleased to offer a cutting-edge online shop, making it the first resist company to offer small volumes and samples of resist online.

Historic Wind Tunnel Facility Testing NASA’s Mars Ascent Vehicle Rocket

09/25/2023 | NASA
The same facility that provided valuable testing for NASA missions to low-Earth orbit and the Moon is now helping the agency prepare to launch the first rocket from Mars.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Sees Mars in a New Light

07/21/2023 | NASA JPL
A cutting-edge instrument called SHERLOC, which hunts for molecules potentially related to ancient life, played a key role in a recent study.

NASA Instrument Bound for Titan Could Reveal Chemistry Leading to Life

03/20/2023 | NASA
A new NASA mission to Saturn’s giant moon, Titan, is due to launch in 2027. When it arrives in the mid-2030s, it will begin a journey of discovery that could bring about a new understanding of the development of life in the universe.

Nolan’s Notes: The Trade Show Is Over—Now What Do You Do?

02/02/2023 | Nolan Johnson -- Column: Nolan's Notes
When you’re new to your career, your role, or even new to the industry, the pressure can be immense. Then you find yourself at a trade show representing your company, tasked with bringing information back to your organization. But take heart, at least you’re not Harrison “Jack” Schmitt. Jack really understood pressure. Schmitt is a retired NASA astronaut from the Apollo, era but let me take a step back and explain some of the history. The U.S. space program, as you may recall, went to the moon with a science-based agenda; astronauts brought back lunar samples to study.
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