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Do You Think Enough About Ergonomics?

05/15/2024 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
Vitorio Lorenzini, a workstation design expert with Assembled Product Specialists, discusses the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. He emphasizes the value of early involvement in workstation planning to optimize space and resources, ultimately enhancing workflow efficiency. 

Kimball Electronics Thailand Helps Save Lives by Hosting a Blood Drive

05/14/2024 | Kimball Electronics
Kimball Electronics Thailand employees took part in a blood donation event. The blood drive took place in the Rajapruek Building at Laem Chabang Industrial Estate Office.

Signal Integrity Expert Donald Telian to Teach 'Signal Integrity, In Practice' Masterclass Globally

04/17/2024 | PRLOG
Donald Telian and The EEcosystem announce the global tour of "Signal Integrity, In Practice," a groundbreaking LIVE masterclass designed to equip hardware engineers with essential skills for solving Signal Integrity (SI) challenges in today's fast-paced technological landscape.

Design007 Magazine April 2024: Level Up Your Design Skills

04/08/2024 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
In this issue of Design007 Magazine, our contributors—many of them IPC staff members—discuss the PCB design classes available at IPC APEX EXPO 2024. As they explain, these courses cover everything from the basics of design through avoiding over-constraining high-speed boards, designing for flex test, design for reality, chiplet design, and DFM. If you don't come to the conference, you're missing out.

Beyond Design: The Art of Presenting PCB Design Courses

03/21/2024 | Barry Olney -- Column: Beyond Design
In the early days of my career, I was a typical backroom geek more comfortable with technology than engaging in conversation. My obsession lay in my work, fueled by the exhilaration of mastering new technologies. The notion of standing before a class of 50 or more individuals to deliver a solo weeklong course seemed utterly terrifying. But necessity gives birth to innovation. When confronted with challenges, we have two choices: step up or fade into oblivion.
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