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Magnachip Mixed-Signal Unveils Power Management IC and Level Shifter for Display Panels in IT Devices

06/11/2024 | Magnachip Semiconductor
Magnachip Mixed-Signal, Ltd. announced the release of a multi-functional Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and a multi-channel level shifter to regulate different voltages and signals within display panels in IT devices.

This Month in SMT007 Magazine: The Butterfly Effect

06/03/2024 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
The basis of chaos theory is a key concept known as the “butterfly effect.” It’s the idea that a small event in one place creates a cascading set of events elsewhere. So, how is the EMS landscape changing? We’re tracking the concerns and dynamics of this landscape, from the supply chain to workforce shortages and solutions. And there’s a lot to learn. Start with the June 2024 issue of SMT007 Magazine!

Empowering the Smart Factory Era With AI

05/29/2024 | Koh Young
The paradigm of operational excellence has emerged as a key focus area in today's rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape. Realizing this shift, manufacturers are increasingly exploring ways to optimize operations to meet the challenges of the "new normal." The manufacturing sector's challenges, particularly regarding personnel and talent, are not going away. Thus, the conversation has shifted toward addressing these challenges through automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and collaboration with suppliers.

Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2024: The Latest Advancements in Dry Storage

04/30/2024 | Real Time with...IPC APEX EXPO
Editor Marcy LaRont and Super Dry Totech's Jordan Mandel discuss the latest developments in dry storage solutions, the J standard, and the ongoing challenge of moisture management while highlighting the industry's shift toward smart solutions and the importance of seeking expert help for moisture mitigation.

Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2024: Operational Excellence and Smart Factory Initiatives

04/30/2024 | Real Time with...IPC APEX EXPO
Operational excellence and operational efficiency are defined in this interview with Koh Young General Manager Joel Scutchfield. He touches on automation, AI, and collaboration as solutions to resource limitations. Koh Young's data-driven approach uses AI for process adjustments, data analytics, and supply chain enhancements. The discussion underscores the shift toward smart factory initiatives and the future of manufacturing, with a focus on reshoring, nearshoring, and technology utilization.
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