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Mechanical Formats in Intelligent System Design the Focus of Latest Episode of On the Line with… Podcast

07/11/2024 | I-Connect007
In “PCB 3.0: A New Design Methodology—Mechanical Formats,” Cadence's Vince DiLello joins us to remove the mystery of connecting PCB and mechanical design flows. DiLello explains the current state and describes what he sees in the future.

July 4: A Federal Holiday in the United States

07/04/2024 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
On July 4—Independence Day in the United States—the U.S.-based I-Connect007 offices are closed in observance of the holiday. The history of the 13 British-American colonies’ transition from commercial colonies to an independent nation often gives me reason to ponder.

Pattern Plating: Latest Episode of On the Line With: Designing for Reality Now Available

07/01/2024 | I-Connect007
Don't miss the latest episode of "On the Line with…ASC Sunstone, Designing for Reality." This week’s topic is pattern plating, a crucial step in fabrication. Matt describes the process and the constraints in the chemistries that must be managed to meet the customer's manufacturing tolerances.

ASC Sunstone Talks Imaging in Latest Podcast Episode

06/11/2024 | I-Connect007
Each circuit board is composed of a one-of-a-kind pattern of metal connections representing the specific design for that circuit. So, how do those unique features get mapped onto the board? Find out in this episode as Matt Stevenson paints a picture of the outer layer imaging process.

Listen to I-Connect007’s Latest Podcast Episode: Empowering Electrical Engineers

05/23/2024 | I-Connect007
I-Connect007 is thrilled to announce the release of the latest episode in Series 3 of its popular podcast, On the Line With... , available now on Apple and Spotify.
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