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The Doctor’s In: The Next Wave of Wearable Health Monitor Innovation

12/14/2023 | Henry Crandall -- Column: The Doctor's In
In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, wearable health monitors will likely play an increasing role. Once relegated to basic step counting and heart rate tracking, these sleek devices are now on the cusp of a technological revolution. The driving force behind this transformation? Advanced electronic hardware. In this column, I'll provide a glimpse of the new electronics that promise to drive the next wave of wearable health monitor innovation.

Smart Fabrics’ Informed Touch Can Tell You Where to Go

09/04/2023 | Rice University
A wearable, textile-based device developed by Rice University engineers could help declutter, enhance — and, in the case of impairments — compensate for deficiencies in visual and auditory inputs by tapping this underused sensory resource.

The Fabric of Our Lives: A Closer Look at Standards for E-Textiles

08/17/2023 | Chris Jorgensen, IPC
The e-textiles industry recognizes IPC as a leader in standards development for the greater electronics industry, and in 2017 asked IPC for assistance to develop global standards for materials, design, and manufacture of e-textiles. Volunteers quickly adapted to IPC’s processes by integrating themselves into the fabric (pun intended) of IPC’s global standardization efforts.

Turn E-textiles Concepts Into Real-World Products

01/10/2023 | Julia Gumminger, IPC
IPC E-Textiles 2023 is an international forum for materials suppliers, product designers, manufacturers, technical experts, and company executives from around the world to collaborate on all areas of the supply chain for e-textiles technologies in the fashion design, health and medical, sports and athletics, automotive, and military and aerospace sectors. It takes place Monday, Jan. 23, in conjunction with IPC APEX EXPO. This year’s event will feature informative and engaging presentations encompassing all areas of e-textiles, Q&A discussions with presenters, and a panel discussion on the economic and business aspects of e-textiles.

IPC E-Textiles 2023 Offers an International Lineup of Speakers

11/01/2022 | IPC
IPC E-Textiles 2023 will be held Monday, January 23, 2023, in conjunction with IPC APEX EXPO, in San Diego, Calif., at the San Diego Convention Center.
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