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Demand from AMD and NVIDIA Drives FOPLP Development, Mass Production Expected in 2027–2028

07/05/2024 | TrendForce
 In 2016, TSMC developed and named its InFO FOWLP technology, and applied it to the A10 processor used in the iPhone 7. TrendForce points out that since then, OSAT providers have been striving to develop FOWLP and FOPLP technologies to offer more cost-effective packaging solutions.

Mustaches and Automation in Flexible PCB Fabrication

06/24/2024 | Chris Clark, Flexible Circuit Technologies
In any manufactured product, whether a house or a flexible circuit, there is always a raw material component in the overall cost. In the flexible circuit, flexible heater, and rigid-flex industry, sheet materials can account for 20–60% of the overall price. Admittedly, this is a very broad range, but factors, such as how common the materials are in the region where they are made, can cause this to swing one way or the other. Your actions as an engineer or sourcing agent have an impact on overall cost, which I’ll illustrate through the example of building a house.

GPV's Strong Focus to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

06/05/2024 | GPV
We have a target of a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity in our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2028 from a 2020 baseline, and we proactively work to implement initiatives that support us in reaching this target.

Connect the Dots: Designing for Reality—The Physical Manufacturing Phases

05/30/2024 | Matt Stevenson -- Column: Connect the Dots
Designing for reality is focused on the art and science of PCB design and production. If you’re trying to make a PCB that stands out for being reliable, easy to manufacture, and meets all design goals, then you’re in the perfect spot. We’re here to break down the PCB manufacturing process while sharing essential tips for smooth design and production.

Networking Opportunities and Technical Learning at SMTA Wisconsin

05/22/2024 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
SMTA’s Wisconsin Expo & Tech Forum wrapped up another well-attended event on May 7 in Milwaukee, with more than 50 exhibitors. Visitors had plenty of time on the exhibit floor between sessions to meet with key industry suppliers and look at everything from tools to tests. The event also included tech sessions, a keynote panel discussion, a lunch sponsored by Ellsworth Adhesives, and lively discussions on unlocking success in SMT manufacturing.
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