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Beyond Design: Integrating AI Into PCB Design Flow

08/24/2023 | Barry Olney -- Column: Beyond Design
Today’s PCB design tools are a far cry from the rudimentary tools we used 30 years ago, but even though the algorithms are now quite clever, they are still fairly basic as far as intelligence goes. Comprehensive design rules can be established to accommodate myriad constraints to limit placement and routing which advise us when we have overstepped the boundaries. But what if artificial intelligence (AI) was introduced into the mix? How could it enhance the PCB design environment? What would happen if we applied AI/machine learning techniques as part of the design flow?

How Far Can We Trust AI?

08/10/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
Since the advent of computers, engineers have been trying to create systems that “think” for themselves—making that leap from repeating an algorithm to actually inventing one itself. Sheldon Fernandez, CEO of DarwinAI, discusses the difference between true artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML), and whether we can trust what AI gives us. Is AI only as good as the training it’s given by a human?

AI Chips Market Set to Grow by $210,506.47 Million from 2022-2027

07/13/2023 | PRNewswire
The artificial intelligence (AI) chips market size is estimated to grow by USD 210,506.47 million from 2022 to 2027 at a CAGR of 61.51% according to Technavio.

A Vision for Machine Learning in Optical Inspection

07/11/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
DarwinAI is developing machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to improve AOI inspection results. Their work is unique because it’s generally independent of the hardware used in the EMS line. It represents, as much as possible in our industry, a pure-play solution using machine learning and AI constructs. Earlier this year, the I-Connect007 staff spoke with DarwinAI CEO Sheldon Fernandez about artificial intelligence and electronics manufacturing. In this follow-up, Sheldon discussed what AI and machine learning are, what they aren’t, and how this work fits into the manufacturing environment of today.

The Knowledge Base: AI in the Electronics Manufacturing Space

07/12/2023 | Mike Konrad -- Column: The Knowledge Base
One of the latest acronyms to join the pop culture lexicon is artificial intelligence (AI). To many, AI brings the promise of revolutionary innovation into a near-limitless array of products and applications. We’ve heard the term, but what is artificial intelligence? What are its potential applications within the electronics manufacturing industry? How is it being implemented? I invited Arif Virani, co-founder and COO of DarwinAI, to explain artificial intelligence and its current and potential applications within the electronics manufacturing space.
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