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The Pulse: Drilling Down on Documentation

04/18/2024 | Martyn Gaudion -- Column: The Pulse
How did a product aimed at signal integrity end up being more about documentation? For a little backstory, the Polar team has an unspoken “no business speak” rule at certain times. So, why is this column titled “Drilling Down?” I find it fascinating when a company sets off in one direction, but customers steer it in another. That’s what has happened here as customers took a product down a fork in the road we couldn’t predict. Your destination isn’t always where you initially set off to go, and that’s how we got to our subject of drills and drill documentation.

Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2024: IPC Government Relations Holds Lawmakers Accountable

04/16/2024 | Real Time with...IPC APEX EXPO
The IPC Government Relations team is constantly educating Congress and the executive branch about the importance of a robust domestic electronics manufacturing industry. As Richard Cappetto explains, the GR team is focused on proactive strategies, workforce policies, and sustainability, as well as the significance of apprenticeship programs, President Biden's executive order, and employer incentives. Also discussed is the PCB Act, its investment program, tax incentive, and DoD's understanding of supply chain risk.

Catching Up With Chasom Electronics

04/16/2024 | Dan Beaulieu, D.B. Management Group
I recently met with Chasom Electronics’ founding director Anil Kumar. Chasom offers a unique menu of services for companies looking to extend their technology capabilities on a short- or long-term basis. Read on to learn about this very unique service company.

Marcy's Musings: The Growing Industry

04/16/2024 | Marcy LaRont -- Column: Marcy's Musings
After decades of steady decline in the U.S. and Europe, the PCB industry is finally growing, especially in China Plus One countries. The U.S. for example, which seemed to have abdicated its title as the world leader in innovating high-technology cutting-edge manufacturing processes, is now in a race to regain what it lost and then some. The PCB fabrication industry is growing in the West, thanks to DoD funding, the CHIPS and Science Act, and hopefully, the passing of HR 3249, the Printed Circuit Board and Substrates Act.

PCB007 Magazine April 2024 — The Growing Industry Issue

04/15/2024 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
After more than two decades of steady decline in the U.S., the PCB industry is finally growing in the West thanks to the CHIPS and Science Act, DoD funding, and hopefully, the passing of HR 3249, the Printed Circuit Board and Substrates Act. The U.S. is now in a race to regain what was lost and then some. But what does “growing” look like for the organizations that have received DoD funding, and for the rest of us? How can we sustain this growth?
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