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Everyday Life, Improved by Light: GRYPHON’s Photonic Discoveries

07/11/2024 | DARPA
Radio frequency (RF) and microwave signals are integral carriers of information for technology that enriches our everyday life – cellular communication, automotive radar sensors, and GPS navigation, among others

iNEMI Announces Member Recognition Awards for 2024

07/10/2024 | iNEMI
The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) announces the recipients of this year's membership recognition program. The three categories included in the program — Project Leadership, Dedicated Service and Fellow — recognize team and individual contributions to iNEMI as well as to the electronics manufacturing industry value chain.

The Value Side of Training, Part 1: Five Easy Ways to Measure the ROI on Training

07/09/2024 | Mike Hoyt, IPC
The best thing about a good investment is the yield it provides. This series of articles on the value side of training will focus on how to effectively measure the return on your investment (ROI) when training your staff. I will offer practical, quantifiable metrics you can apply today. Think of it as a quick checklist for every effective training program.

NASA, Boeing Provide Next Update on Space Station Crew Flight Test

07/09/2024 | NASA
NASA and Boeing continue to evaluate Starliner’s propulsion system performance and five small helium leaks in the spacecraft’s service module, gathering as much data as possible while docked to the International Space Station.

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract To Develop Artificial Intelligence Tools For DARPA

07/08/2024 | Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $4.6 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for dynamic, airborne missions as part of its Artificial Intelligence Reinforcements (AIR) program. This project aims to provide advanced Modeling and Simulation (M&S) approaches and dominant AI agents for live, multi-ship, beyond visual range (BVR) missions. It is a critical step in prioritizing and investing in breakthrough technologies for national security and to meet the evolving needs of customers.
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