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SMT007-Dec2022-Cover250.jpgIn this issue of SMT007 Magazine, we bring you preview information for IPC APEX EXPO 2023. In the spirit of helping to plan your time at this event, consider this issue your roadmap for success before you even cross the threshold onto the show floor at the San Diego Convention Center.

December certainly seems to be driven by tradition. And while traditions often get a bad reputation as stodgy and tired, not all of them are so bad. For example, December is our traditional time to prepare for IPC APEX EXPO. This year, the conference and trade show will take place January 21–26, 2023 and as we publish this magazine, the show floor boasts 366 exhibitors.

Turn to this issue for a handy reference. You will find the event schedule, details on special sessions you won’t want to miss, how to use the APEX app on your smartphone, show floor highlights, the skinny on social/networking events, hints of new awards for member contributions, information on professional development courses, and new offerings such as the E-Textiles track and the India Pavilion. There is so much more packed into this year’s SMT007 Magazine show preview issue, you don’t want to miss any of it.

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In this RTW interview, Andy Shaughnessy and Bert Horner of The Test Connection talk about how setting up a successful circuit card plan starts with the DfT of the schematics and ends with knowledge that your CM/manufacturer has available to inspect and test your product.

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