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Flexible Thinking: Mechatronics in a Flex World

07/17/2024 | Joe Fjelstad -- Column: Flexible Thinking
Mechatronics integrates two seemingly disparate engineering disciplines—mechanics and electronics—into a single subject. From my experience, the two disciplines are not the most compatible roommates because they are often at cross-purposes when implemented together. Interestingly, having been manufacturing, inventing, and writing about flexible circuits for more than four decades, I recognized that they actually fit perfectly.

Trouble in Your Tank: Materials for PWB Fabrication—Drillability and Metallization

07/16/2024 | Michael Carano -- Column: Trouble in Your Tank
Laminate materials are the building blocks on which printed circuit boards are manufactured. Circuit board designers rely on the critical electrical properties of the materials to design the interconnects, and with the drive toward IoT (internet of things), autonomous driving, and virtual and augmented reality, material properties take on a very high level of importance.

Building Resilient Supply Chains

07/08/2024 | Mark Goodwin, Ventec International Group
Globalization and offshoring have shaped the supply chains of large manufacturing businesses for the past three to four decades. The main goal has been the relentless pursuit of cost control to minimize expenditure and outlay and thus maximize returns and profitability.

AdvancedPCB Launches First-of-its-Kind PCBDay

07/03/2024 | PRNewswire
AdvancedPCB, a leader in printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing, is excited to announce the launch of PCBDay, the first ever one-day sales event for the printed circuit board industry. The event takes place on Tuesday, July 9.

APCT Launches as AdvancedPCB, Combines Industry Leaders Under One Brand

06/27/2024 | PRNewswire
AdvancedPCB, a leader in printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing, announces its launch, combining Advanced Printed Circuit Technology (APCT), Advanced Circuits, Inc. (ACI), and San Diego PCB Design (SDPCB), into a next-generation PCB manufacturer.
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