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Registration: From Raw Data to Intelligent Manufacturing 

11/27/2023 | Andrew Kelley, XACTPCB LTD
While previous industrial revolutions have introduced factories, mass production, and computer-controlled systems, the advent of Industry 4.0 and the concept of the Smart factory have ushered in a new era in PCB manufacturing. For the PCB industry it is a very ambitious and aspirational objective to evolve from disconnected processes to an integrated system with automated data capture, real-time data analysis, process visualization, autonomous control, and self-correcting processes. 

Slenergy's Smart Factory Enhances Product Reliability in the Renewable Energy Landscape

11/22/2023 | PRNewswire
Slenergy, a leading innovator in the renewable energy industry, celebrates significant success in Europe with its ground-breaking iShare-Home one-stop residential energy solution.

The New Chapter: Teach the Terminology

11/27/2023 | Hannah Nelson & Paige Fiet -- Column: The New Chapter
Imagine you've just graduated college and are off to start a career at an electronics manufacturer. Week one is filled with meeting the team, orienting your way around the floor, and learning the general flow of PCB manufacturing. Wow, there are so many steps! The next week is off to a similar start but with a team meeting to review a new part. Suddenly, the friendly team you met is speaking what sounds like a foreign language. Words are thrown around, such as buried vias, 370HR, back drill, and routed plated edges. None of these terms were taught during the college education you've just completed. Then, an overwhelming feeling kicks in, and you wonder if you will ever learn to speak this new language as fluently as your team.

UHDI Fundamentals: Talking UHDI with John Johnson, Part 1

11/21/2023 | Steve Williams, The Right Approach Consulting LLC
American Standard Circuits is an early adopter of Averatek’s A-SAP process for its ultra-high definition interconnect (UHDI) products. I sat down with industry veteran John Johnson to discuss this. John, vice president of business development, oversees quality at American Standard Circuits, and previously worked at Averatek. In the spirit of full disclosure, we will be discussing and sharing photos, slides, and materials with permission from both ASC and Averatek. This is the first of a three-part interview. 

SCHMID Group Pleased with productronica 2023

11/21/2023 | SCHMID Group
The SCHMID Group, a global solution provider for the high-tech electronics, photovoltaics, glass and energy systems industries, is very pleased with the course of productronica in Munich.
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