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UHDI Fundamentals: Ultra HDI Pushes PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

10/26/2023 | Anaya Vardya, American Standard Circuits
Ultra high-density interconnect (UHDI) is a term used in the electronics industry to describe a cutting-edge technology that pushes the limits of fabrication capabilities for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductor devices. UHDI represents an advancement in miniaturization and integration, allowing for the creation of electronic components and systems with extremely high levels of functionality in a smaller footprint.

ACB Receives ESA Qualification for HDI PCBs

10/02/2023 | ACB
With this approval ACB can now deliver 2+N+2 HDI circuits (up to 20 layers) for onboard space applications with the highest reliability level.

The September 2023 Issue of PCB007 Magazine Available Now

09/18/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
New demands on PCB fabrication, namely advanced packaging, ultra high density interconnect (UHDI), and new specialty materials, are converging, changing the landscape of our business. Is it time to start paying close attention to this convergence?

The Chemical Connection: The Subtractive Vision

02/13/2023 | Don Ball -- Column: The Chemical Connection
The November issue of PCB007 included a fair amount of discussion on the growing need for ultra-high density interconnects (UHDI). UHDI is an area replete with manufacturing challenges due not only to the feature sizes this technology requires (< 50 micron or < 2 mils), but also the lack of familiarity U.S. manufacturers have with this technology. In an interview with Calumet’s Todd Brassard and Meredith LaBeau, they stated that the U.S. is roughly 30 years behind the curve in manufacturing UHDI, which is likely the result of companies offshoring UHDI manufacturing for many years. How can we catch back up?

Candor: UHDI Under Development

12/21/2022 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
Candor Industries is a PCB fabricator investing in UHDI fabrication capabilities in Canada. To support advanced packaging, as well as the current pace of IC process shrinks, PCB fabrication capabilities must shrink to keep up. Sunny Patel, Candor’s technical sales manager, brings us up to speed on what Candor has learned in their journey to add UHDI. What we gain from this interview is that, while certainly not insignificant, the stretch to add UHDI may be not as far as one might think.
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