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Flexible Thinking: Mechatronics in a Flex World

07/17/2024 | Joe Fjelstad -- Column: Flexible Thinking
Mechatronics integrates two seemingly disparate engineering disciplines—mechanics and electronics—into a single subject. From my experience, the two disciplines are not the most compatible roommates because they are often at cross-purposes when implemented together. Interestingly, having been manufacturing, inventing, and writing about flexible circuits for more than four decades, I recognized that they actually fit perfectly.

Counterfeit Detection Course: It’s the Real Deal

07/09/2024 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
Anthony (Tony) Bryant is a trained expert in component counterfeiting techniques who has been collaborating with IPC on a new intermediate-level course on counterfeits. Tony is in final preparation to launch this course and shared his reasons for the course, as well as information about its content and value to EMS companies.

JPCA Show Review: Sizing Up the Market in Japan

07/09/2024 | James Stone, IEC
As a relatively newer member of the PCB industry,  I found the Japan Printed Circuit Association (JPCA) show, held in June at the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Hall, to be a great experience. This year’s show was considered smaller compared to past years, but I was still impressed by the size and number of attendees.

July 4: A Federal Holiday in the United States

07/04/2024 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
On July 4—Independence Day in the United States—the U.S.-based I-Connect007 offices are closed in observance of the holiday. The history of the 13 British-American colonies’ transition from commercial colonies to an independent nation often gives me reason to ponder.

Dan’s Biz Bookshelf: 'The Practice: Shipping Creative Work'

06/27/2024 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: Dan's Biz Bookshelf
As you must know by now, I am an unabashed fan of Seth Godin and an equally unabashed fan of this particular book. Out of all of Seth’s books, and there are a lot of good ones in the 20-plus he has written, this one motivates me the most. I go back to it repeatedly when I’m stuck in the middle of a creative project and I need a good swift kick in the you-know-what to get moving.
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