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Dan’s Biz Bookshelf: The Entrepreneurial Brain

11/22/2023 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: Dan's Biz Bookshelf
Author Jeff Hays is a “serial entrepreneur” who has achieved much success, so, in many ways, reading his book is like spending time with a wise mentor. I like how he not only highlights his business successes but writes candidly about his failures: What didn’t work and why. For me, these stories are perhaps the most helpful part of the book, which is not only informative and factual, but inspirational and encouraging.

The Shaughnessy Report: Simply Speaking

11/09/2023 | Andy Shaughnessy -- Column: The Shaughnessy Report
During a recent trade show, a group of us were wondering how much money and labor is wasted annually because of PCB designs that are over-constrained or otherwise needlessly complex. It had to be millions of dollars, or maybe even tens of millions. As we reveal in this month’s issue of Design007 Magazine, this happens for a variety of reasons, such as increasing signal speeds, faster rise and fall times, and shrinking silicon technologies.

Inside the Minds of Gen Z

11/06/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
Gen Z employees definitely bring new skills and expectations to today’s workforce. Manufacturers, take note: You have a generation of employees who are curious about the world, love to keep busy and engaged, and just need a better understanding of why manufacturing is cool. In this roundtable discussion, recent high school graduate Dylan Nguyen and Paige Fiet, a recent university graduate, provide insight into what they’re looking for in a career. It’s an enlightening discussion.

It’s Only Common Sense: 9 Proven Reasons Customers Buy From You

11/06/2023 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: It's Only Common Sense
How much time do you spend thinking about why a customer buys something? I mean, are you really studying customers, trying to determine why they buy (in general) and why they buy (from you)? What drives the decision for a customer to choose one product or supplier over another? I have found that we often spend so much time focused on our own products, services, and pitch that we lose sight of the most important focus: the customers. They are the ones making the decisions and, in the end, it’s their opinion that matters most. With that in mind here are some of the more obvious drivers as to why a customer will choose one product, service, company over another:

Real Time with... SMTAI 2023: Can You Trust Zero Trust?

10/25/2023 | Real Time with...SMTAI
During the 2023 SMTAI exhibition in Minneapolis, MN, Nolan Johnson sat down to chat with Tony Chiappetta, president of CHIPS, a cybersecurity provider. In this interview Tony introduces the Zero Trust initiative — explaining what it is, what it isn't, and why it's pertinent.
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