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Water Management in a Large Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

04/15/2024 | Charles Nehrig, TTM Technologies
TTM’s environmental management is grounded in its Environmental Statement and Environmental Policy, which promote measures that make for a more responsible environmental management process. Our management system helps TTM work toward minimizing its environmental footprint and increasing the sustainability of its operations. TTM monitors its environmental performance just as it monitors its operational performance, and provides the resources required to adhere to the Company’s environmental responsibilities.

Happy’s Tech Talk #27: Integrated Mesh Power System (IMPS) for PCBs

04/08/2024 | Happy Holden -- Column: Happy’s Tech Talk
A significant decrease in HDI substrate production cost can be achieved by reducing the number of substrate layers from conventional through-hole multilayers and microvia multilayers of eight, 10, 12, and more to only two layers. Besides reducing direct processing steps, the yield will increase as defect-producing operations are eliminated. The integrated mesh power system (IMPS) was invented in the latter years of MCM-D use for thin-film fabrication. Those geometries fit today into our use of ultra HDI.

Trouble in Your Tank: Supporting IC Substrates and Advanced Packaging, Part 5

03/19/2024 | Michael Carano -- Column: Trouble in Your Tank
Direct metallization systems based on conductive graphite or carbon dispersion are quickly gaining acceptance worldwide. Indeed, the environmental and productivity gains one can achieve with these processes are outstanding. In today’s highly competitive and litigious environment, direct metallization reduces costs associated with compliance, waste treatment, and legal issues related to chemical exposure. What makes these processes leaders in the direct metallization space?

Indium Corporation Experts to Present at SEMI THERM

03/07/2024 | Indium Corporation
Indium Corporation Global Account Manager and Senior Thermal Technologist Tim Jensen and Product Development Specialist for Thermal Interface Materials Miloš Lazić will present on thermal interface material (TIM) technology at SEMI-THERM, taking place March 25–28 in San Jose, California, U.S.

Indium Corporation to Showcase Proven EV Products and High-Reliability Alloys at Productronica China

02/28/2024 | Indium Corporation
As a materials pioneer and trusted partner in electric vehicle (EV) and e-Mobility manufacturing, Indium Corporation is proud to showcase its high-reliability alloys and soldering solutions at Productronica China, March 20-22, in Shanghai.
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