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Tim’s Takeaways: Take It From Scotty, Simple Really is Better

11/30/2023 | Tim Haag -- Column: Tim's Takeaways
I am, at heart, a die-hard “Star Trek” fan. When I was a kid, I was all about phasers, warp drive, and cool stuff like that. However, these days, I tend to put a higher value on production and storytelling. But like any fan (I’m avoiding “Trekkie” because, frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing), I have certain moments from the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours filmed for the various TV shows and movies that are among my favorites. One of those moments is in “Star Trek III, The Search for Spock,” when our heroes steal the Starship Enterprise from space dock.

Graphene in Consumer Goods: Revolution or Evolution, Asks IDTechEx

11/27/2023 | PRNewswire
Since its isolation in 2004, graphene has received widespread attention as a 'wonder' material, with the reported potential to enable a whole host of next-generation technologies, some of which would not be out of place in the latest sci-fi blockbuster.

Marcy’s Musings: Productronica 2023 and Coming Home

11/20/2023 | Marcy LaRont, PCB007 Magazine
Productronica has concluded and I have wrapped up my first two weeks back on the I-Connect007 team. I’m exhausted, and I am looking forward to bit of a “lie in” as they say around here. It’s time to be home. It was a great week in Munich. The show had 42,000 visitors, all descending on 88,000 square meters of show space over eight sprawling halls, to see some 1,400 exhibitors, representing 45 countries worldwide and all parts of the PCB/SMT provider supply chain. It appears the show has regained pre-pandemic levels of engagement, and we congratulate them.

It’s Only Common Sense: 24 Mistakes Salespeople Make

11/13/2023 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: It's Only Common Sense
We have spent a great deal of time listing all the things that great salespeople should be doing. Now it’s time to reverse that and learn through the mistakes of others. So, I sat down this week and listed some of the more common and, dare I say, damaging mistakes that salespeople make.

A Unique Engineering Space in Mankato

11/09/2023 | Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007
Rob Sleezer is associate professor of integrated engineering at Minnesota State, and lead for the Twin Cities Engineering (TCE), a two-year engineering professional school with a non-traditional approach to the curriculum. That new approach just might turn out more industry-savvy graduates than traditional programs.
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