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Texas Instruments’ New Manufacturing Plant in North Texas Achieves LEED Gold Version 4

09/04/2023 | Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments (TI) announced its new 300-mm semiconductor wafer fabrication plant in Richardson, Texas, RFAB2, achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification under version 4 (v4).

Lupita Maurer Appointed President at Polar Instruments, Inc

07/27/2023 | Polar Instruments
Coinciding with our move to new offices in central Beaverton, OR, Polar appoints Lupita Maurer as President of Polar Instruments, Inc.

The Pulse: Rough Roughness Reasoning

07/20/2023 | Martyn Gaudion -- Column: The Pulse
Reliable bonding reduces the risk of delamination through thermal stresses. The tried-and-tested way of achieving a good, reliable bond is to ensure that the copper is sufficiently rough to promote adhesion to the epoxy resin in the prepreg material. As materials and bonding technology improves, the copper surfaces can be made increasingly flatter and still achieve the desired reliability. In the future, new bonding methods—some already here but still on the high-priced side of the equation— may allow extremely flat copper to bond reliably. Meanwhile, as the industry is heading down the road of “smoother” copper, there is still a need to model the effects of a rough surface on signal transmission.

An Exclusive Review of the Institute of Circuit Technology’s Annual Symposium

06/15/2023 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
After a long crawl through heavy traffic on the M42 motorway, it was a great relief to exit at Junction 6 and arrive at the National Conference Centre for the 2023 Annual Symposium of the Institute of Circuit Technology on June 6. The conference center is co-located with the historic National Motorcycle Museum and situated in the heart of the UK midlands, a stone’s throw from Birmingham International Airport. The delegates were welcomed by technical director Bill Wilkie.

Slash Sheets: Don’t Fall Into the Trap

06/08/2023 | Geoffrey Hazelett, Technical Sales
Slash sheets can be confusing, and this is a big topic, so let’s start big and drill down from there. Here’s the big picture regarding slash sheet references: They were designed to provide handy groupings of PCB materials (laminates, polyimides, etc.) that go into a stackup. These groupings are designed around mechanical characteristics to provide insight for PCB fabricators to identify similar laminates with similar properties.
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