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IPC APEX EXPO 2024 Readies for Tomorrow’s Show Opener

04/08/2024 | Marcy LaRont, PCB007 Magazine
IPC APEX EXPO is finally happening in Anaheim this week. As we entered the Anaheim Convention Center this past Friday, the weather was colder than expected, but the sun still shone. Making our way to the entrance doors, the small groups of happy but tired-looking Disneyland goers filled our path, as did hundreds of young, sparkle-clad cheerleaders from across the nation whose competition was taking place in a neighboring hall.

SCHWEIZER Announces Preliminary Group Figures for 2023 Financial Year

03/27/2024 | Schweizer Electronic AG
The preliminary and unaudited results of the SCHWEIZER Group confirm the major and successfully completed turnaround in 2023. Sales rose to a record of EUR 139.4 million, exceeding expectations with an increase of 6.4 percent.

MatSing Announces Support for Multiple Satellite Applications Leveraging its Innovative Lens Antenna Solutions

03/19/2024 | BUSINESS WIRE
MatSing, the pioneer of Luneburg Lens antennas, announced the extension of its portfolio of telecom-industry leading multibeam lens solutions to now support varied satellite applications.

Global Sourcing Spotlight: The Myth of ‘Buying American’

01/10/2024 | Bob Duke -- Column: Global Sourcing Spotlight
I know that "buying American" has been deeply ingrained in the American psyche for generations. It represents a sense of patriotism and loyalty to one's country, and it's often associated with the belief that purchasing products labeled as "Made in the USA" supports domestic industries and workers. However, this notion can be misleading and oversimplified. In reality, the global economy is far more interconnected than it appears, and many products labeled as American are, in fact, a blend of international components. This column explores 12 instances where you may think you're buying American but you’re not.

ICAPE GROUP Consolidates Its Technological Expertise by Integrating Bordan Electronic Consult’s Assets in Germany

11/29/2023 | ICAPE Group
ICAPE Group, a global technology distributor of printed circuit boards (PCB), announced the acquisition of 100% of the assets of Bordan Electronic Consult, a German company specializing in the design of "custom-made" technical parts.
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