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Dymax Expands Core Market Focus to Include the Energy Sector

07/24/2024 | Dymax
Dymax, a leading manufacturer of rapid curing materials and equipment, announces a curated lineup of light-curable adhesives and coatings designed to meet the complex assembly needs of stationary energy storage systems such as industrial gas turbines (IGTs) and various types of fuel cells and electrolyzers including Solid Oxide (SOFC) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEMFC).

The Knowledge Base: The Value of Industry Certifications

07/24/2024 | Mike Konrad -- Column: The Knowledge Base
Industry certifications have become increasingly significant in the modern job market, offering a range of benefits to both individuals and employers. These certifications serve as formal recognitions of expertise and proficiency in specific areas, validating a person's skills and knowledge. In the context of the electronics assembly industry, certifications are particularly valuable, given the technical nature of the work and the rapid advancements in technology.

Do You Collaborate With Your Component Supplier?

07/15/2024 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine
Mention the word “collaboration” to a group of designers, and a few of them might acknowledge working closely with their fab and assembly partners. But how many designers consider their component providers to be true stakeholders in the process and collaborate with them regularly? Duane Benson, founder of Positive Edge, has a long history of working on the component side of things. I asked Duane to weigh in with his thoughts on collaborating with component suppliers.

CIL Improves its RAPID PCB Assembly Service with a Dedicated SMT Line

06/27/2024 | CIL
In recent months much of CIL’s activities have been concentrated on its Semiconductor packaging and volume PCB assembly capability from its BP2 facility.

IPC WorksAsia – Quality & High Reliability Conference Thailand

06/26/2024 | IPC
Quality & High Reliability are critical when electronics assemblies are working in harsh environments where there is high temperature difference, vibration; and components get smaller and demand for high reliability products increases.
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