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PCBflow Helps Designers Choose Best Manufacturer for the Job

03/28/2024 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine
I recently spoke with a few technologists who have first-hand experience with PCBflow: Susan Kayesar, technical product manager with Siemens; Evgeny Makhline, CTO of Nistec, a CEM based in Israel; and Peter Tranitz, senior director of technology solutions and leader of the IPC Design Initiative. They explain how PCBflow functions, from the designer’s and manufacturer’s viewpoint, and how this database helps break down the wall between these stakeholders.

Tim’s Takeaways: PCB Design and Manufacturing—Let’s Work Together

02/08/2024 | Tim Haag -- Column: Tim's Takeaways
I have spoken with many different companies, and have found that adherence to manufacturing requirements in PCB layout varies quite a bit. On one side are those design groups that don’t exercise a lot of caution when it comes to manufacturing requirements. These are often designs produced in lower numbers, and error-free yields aren’t their primary concern. The boards are manufactured knowing they will require a lot of manual cleanup to get working units finished.

Connect the Dots: Best Practices for Ensuring PCB Design Manufacturability

12/07/2023 | Matt Stevenson -- Column: Connect the Dots
It makes sense to optimize your board using design for manufacturability (DFM) techniques. But applying DFM best practices can be confusing without formal training. The results are designs that are often incomplete, poorly designed, or too complex. When these issues arise, your PCB manufacturing partner rejecting the design can be considered a best-case scenario because it means they have your back. If your design is simply dropped into an automated queue without concern for manufacturability, the output can be a batch of unusable boards.

Datest Receives Prestigious 2023 Mexico Technology Award for Innovations in DFT and DFM Analytical Engineering Services

10/26/2023 | Datest
Datest's innovative services are tailored to meet the needs of OEM and EMS customers who seek front-end capabilities for predictive test coverage, test point optimization, and appropriate test platform strategies.

PCBflow Fosters Collaboration Between Design and Manufacture 

10/23/2023 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine
During PCB West, I spoke with Susan Kayesar, program manager for PCBflow, a business unit of Siemens that provides a collaboration environment for designers and manufacturers. We discussed the intent behind PCBFlow and how this platform helps to improve pre-manufacture communications. 
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