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TDK Ventures Invests in Singapore-based Startup Amperesand

02/08/2024 | PRNewswire
TDK Corporation announced that subsidiary TDK Ventures Inc. is investing in Amperesand and their grid infrastructure solutions powered by innovative solid-state transformer (SST) technology to deliver megawatt-scale DC charging solutions for the EV revolution.

Intel Technology Helps Power Solution for a More Resilient Grid

11/29/2023 | Intel
Ahead of Enlit Europe, Intel announced that its technology is helping power the Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) Alliance’s new solution to modernize the energy grid.

AiDash, Schneider Electric Join Forces to Launch Grid Resilience Offer

02/07/2023 | Business Wire
As the pace of the energy transition accelerates, grid infrastructure is having to endure intensifying natural disasters and accommodate increasing volumes of renewable energy.

Shawn Dubravac: What’s New in Tech

01/12/2023 | Shawn DuBravac, IPC
As the world grapples with issues like climate change, consumers and manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce environmental impact. This has led to a focus on fostering innovation in sustainable materials, renewable energy sources, and recyclable components. One example is CarbonX, a new carbon material composed of nano-sized carbon filaments that could help tire makers meet the increasing demand for sustainability. Technology will play a pivotal role in this transformation and one sector set to see tremendous change is the auto industry.

NREL Power Electronics Capabilities Primed for Innovation

10/03/2022 | NREL
Imagine a technology that can convert, amplify, limit, filter, control, and transform electricity in countless ways to supply power to the grid. These are power electronics, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is helping bring in a wave of developments for the ubiquitous technology with a suite of expanded capabilities.
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