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The Government Circuit: An ‘Interesting’ Year in Washington and Brussels

10/11/2023 | Chris Mitchell -- Column: The Government Circuit
In Washington, D.C., Brussels, and worldwide, it has been an “interesting” year in the halls of government, and the IPC Government Relations team is gearing up for a busy winter season of advocacy on the electronics industry’s behalf. The IPC GR Team’s overall goal is to promote government policy decisions that make it easier for our members—more than 3,000 companies across the electronics ecosystem—to innovate and grow. So far this year, we have seen a series of policy developments that IPC and its members and allies have been urging for years. Here are some highlights.

PFAS: Sounding the Alarm

06/02/2023 | Suhani Chitalia, IPC Environmental Regulatory Affairs Manager
Man-made chemicals known as PFAS have regulators busy trying to address previous releases and prevent future releases of this chemical into the environment from widespread uses in manufacturing processes and products used across the globe. PFAS chemicals tend to be persistent in the environment and they have been used long enough and in enough applications that their unwanted presence in the environment has public health policymakers concerned.

The Government Circuit: PCBs, Advanced Packaging Key to CHIPS Act Success

03/29/2023 | Chris Mitchell -- Column: The Government Circuit
In 2023, IPC is educating all key audiences about the importance of printed circuit boards, IC substrates, and advanced packaging in the semiconductor supply chain. In this column, we'll discuss the recent efforts made by the United States and Europe to invest in the entire semiconductor supply chain and strengthen the electronics industry. Also, read on for fresh environmental policy updates, as well as ways to get involved in IPC’s advocacy efforts.

PFAS Regulations: A Global Landscape

02/13/2023 | Suhani Chitalia, IPC
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are continuing to garner industry attention on a state, federal, and global level. This group of over 4,500 man-made chemicals has a wide range of uses - from consumer products to industrial applications.

Atotech Launches Fumalock

04/01/2021 | Atotech
Atotech, a leading global supplier of specialty surface-finishing solutions, announced the global launch of Fumalock, the first non-PFAS, fluorine-free fume suppressant for hexavalent hard chrome processes on the global market.
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