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Record-Breaking Hole Mobility Heralds a Flexible Future for Electronics

12/29/2021 | University of Tsukuba
Technologists envisage an electronically interconnected future that will depend on cheap, lightweight, flexible devices. Efforts to optimize the semiconductor materials needed for these electronic devices are therefore necessary.

Stanford Physicists Help Create Time Crystals with Quantum Computers

12/01/2021 | Stanford University
There is a huge global effort to engineer a computer capable of harnessing the power of quantum physics to carry out computations of unprecedented complexity.

Solar Energy Collectors Grown from Seeds

06/22/2021 | Rice University
Rice University engineers have created microscopic seeds for growing remarkably uniform 2D perovskite crystals that are both stable and highly efficient at harvesting electricity from sunlight.

Molybdenum Disulfide Ushers in Era of Post-Silicon Photonics

03/05/2021 | MIPT
Researchers of the Center for Photonics and Two-Dimensional Materials at MIPT, together with their colleagues from Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, and Singapore, including co-creator of the world's first 2D material and Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov, have measured giant optical anisotropy in layered molybdenum disulfide crystals for the first time.

Micropillar Compression for Finding Heat-Tolerant Alloys

01/14/2021 | ACN Newswire
Metals containing niobium silicide are promising materials that can withstand high temperatures and improve efficiency of gas turbines in power plants and aircraft.
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