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Smart Factory Insights: The Smart Business Case for Local PCB Manufacturing

09/27/2023 | Michael Ford -- Column: Smart Factory Insights
The PCB has become a neglected component from the Smart assembly manufacturing perspective, wrongly regarded as just a “given” material. We need to put it right. PCB manufacturing needs to become Smart in order to make the local fabrication business model work as part of the holistic electronics’ “smarter, secure, and sustainable” approach—what I’m calling the new three Ss of manufacturing.

Atotech to Participate at KPCA Show 2023 in Seoul, South Korea

08/28/2023 | Atotech
MKS’ Atotech will participate at this year’s KPCA Show 2023 in Seoul, South Korea, which will be held at Incheon Songdo Convensia from September 6-8, 2023.

Connect the Dots: Best Drilling Practices for Better PCB Manufacturing

09/05/2023 | Matt Stevenson -- Column: Connect the Dots
Drilling is one of the most fundamental steps in the printed circuit board manufacturing process. Until the advent of the through-hole, PCBs were all single-sided with traces and components located on one side. With double-sided and multilayered boards so common now, a PCB without holes doesn't seem like a PCB at all. The drilling process creates the holes that connect the different layers of the PCB. Those holes allow for the connection of components. In fact, without holes, a double-sided PCB is just a coaster.

KSG Group Puts Horizontal OSP Line for Organic Surfaces into Operation

07/31/2023 | KSG Group
The KSG Group has expanded its capacities in the field of organic surface coating by bringing a new wet-chemical horizontal system online.

PCB Technologies Invests in Advanced Packaging

07/12/2023 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
Jeff De Serrano, president of PCB Technologies North America, gives an update on the company’s recent move into advanced packaging—a move that stemmed from company leadership and vision for the future. He also shares his forecast on the PCB market, specifically around rigid-flex, along with some of the challenges the industry still faces.
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