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ITW EAE Opens New Semiconductor Technology Center

09/06/2023 | ITW EAE
ITW EAE opens new Semiconductor Technology Center, located at 14th room, 6th Floor, No. 6, Zhongsi Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

It All Starts With Sensors

08/30/2023 | Happy Holden, I-Connect007
Sensor technology is at the heart of any manufacturing data collection, especially for the digital stream—it all starts with sensors—but there is so much more. Sensors need connections to instruments, and some actions need predictions, the process is sensing, connection, and predicting. Sensing assumes sensors. Connecting can be any intelligent device that provides a program or signal conditioning and then makes that data available to the rest of the organization. Predicting is the difficult step.

IPC Day Romania: Build Electronics Better with Standards and Solutions, Conference Powered by FLEX

08/24/2023 | IPC
IPC Day Romania: Build Electronics Better with Standards and Solutions, Conference Powered by Flex, which will be held on Sep 27, 2023 at 12:00pm and Sep 28, 2023 at 6:00pm EEST, will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in electronics manufacturing, participate in industry discussions, and network with a community of professionals dedicated to building electronics better.

A Pilot Program Soars in Mexico

08/23/2023 | Michelle Te, I-Connect007
With plants in Tijuana and Guadalajara, Mexico, that staff more than 3,000 employees, Benchmark Electronics has a continual need for training and certification to stay competitive. Through a unique partnership with IPC, the company was able to train nearly 100 operators and engineers through a pilot program that saved them money and elevated the knowledge base of their workforce. In this interview, Elizabeth Magana, a regional human resources director for Benchmark, Lorena Villanueva, IPC director of Mexico, and Carlos Plaza, IPC senior director of education development, detail the pilot program and how it serves as an example of training success in electronics manufacturing

Elementary, Mr. Watson: Circuit Simulation, SPICE, and AI

08/21/2023 | John Watson -- Column: Elementary, Mr. Watson
According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight time limitations and rest requirements, a commercial pilot is restricted to 36 flight hours in a week, 100 hours in 28 days, and 1,000 hours in any calendar year. But before these pilots even start flying the friendly skies, they spend considerable time in a flight simulator. In the same way, PCB design and circuit simulations provide the same advantages: a controlled, safe environment for testing a circuit without the considerable overhead of fabricating and assembling the PCB.
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