Facing the Future

Column from: Aidan Salvi

Aidan Salvi is chief transformation officer at Amitron Circuits, a family-owned business. He grew up in the business, left for 10 years to work in software development, and recently returned to lead Amitron as its chief transformation officer. He is in the process of transforming the company into the future with the implementation of Factory 5.0. In this column, Aidan will discuss the need for change in PCB manufacturing, and will guide the reader through that process.

September 18, 2023

Facing the Future: American Manufacturing on the Rise

I have been in and around circuit boards most of my life. I started 20 years ago in my family’s PCB shop, leaving after a couple of years to start my own software company. About a year ago, I returned to the family business, and the first thing I noticed was that nothing had really changed. We were doing the same things in the same way as the day I left. After talking to several experts in the industry, I realized it was worse than that: The manufacturing of PCBs had not changed in 70 years.
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