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Happy's Tech Talk #8: Copper Etchant Regeneration

05/31/2022 | Happy Holden -- Column: Happy’s Tech Talk
Copper has become a valuable metal, and with the growth of EV has come higher currents needed in PCB with increasing weight of copper in PCBs. This creates the need for increased copper etching and consumption of copper etchants. Today, in an effort to recoup some of that cost, increasingly more extraction and recovery units are being installed in PCB facilities around the world. Annual profit generation from recovering copper and regenerating PCB etchants has the potential to reach six figures.

ULT Demonstrates Fume Extraction Solutions for Emission Reduction at SMTconnect

03/18/2022 | ULT AG
At the upcoming trade show SMTconnect, ULT will exhibit worldwide leading solutions for air purification in electronics manufacturing. The positive effects of sustainable extraction and filtration technology on process chains, product and manufacturing quality, and employee health will be demonstrated.

New System Control Accelerates Digitization of ULT’s Fume Extraction Devices

12/10/2021 | ULT AG
ULT AG, vendor of extraction and filtration technology for air purification in manufacturing companies, presents a new system control. From now on, it will be integrated into the company's cartridge filter systems, which will significantly expand their communication capabilities and thus offer users convenient evaluation and control options.

All Systems Go! Simulating Wirebonded CoB on Rigid-Flex

11/18/2021 | Team Cadence -- Column: All Systems Go
There are many good reasons to use a chip on board (CoB) implementation. When this is combined with wirebonding and the use of rigid-flex PCB, challenges mount. An application that demands all three—CoB, wirebonding, and rigid-flex PCB—is a camera module that goes into a mobile application, the sample design used to illustrate the design and analysis challenges in this article. If you are not aware of and prepared for the potential pitfalls, it is highly likely that your project could fall short or even fail.

Avishtech Introduces Latest Generation of Its Revolutionary Gauss 2D Field Solver Tool

04/06/2021 | Avishtech, Inc.
Avishtech, the leading provider of innovative EDA stack-up and 2D field solver solutions, announced the availability of the latest version of its Gauss 2D Field Solver toolset.
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