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CONFIDEE Welcomes Craig Haywood to the Team

03/20/2023 | CONFIDEE
CONFIDEEs foundation, is transparent and long-term partnerships with our partners.

A New Skoltech Patent: Defect-free Graphene for Flexible Transparent Electronics

11/22/2022 | Skoltech
Skoltech researchers have patented a method that enables producing arbitrarily shaped functional graphene components on a transparent substrate with 100-nanometer resolution, which hold much promise for flexible and transparent electronics.

New Approach Brings Industry a Step Closer to Transparent Electronics

04/08/2021 | Fleet
A new study could pave the way to revolutionary, transparent electronics. Such see-through devices could potentially be integrated in glass, in flexible displays and in smart contact lenses, bringing to life futuristic devices that seem like the product of science fiction.

ICT Webinar: Novel Materials and Methods for Printed Circuit Fabrication

03/02/2021 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007
For the first time since its foundation in 1974, the Institute of Circuit Technology had no alternative than to conduct its Annual General Meeting online. The event, which took place on February 25, 2021, was remarkably well-attended, and was followed, as is traditional, by a technical seminar. The seminar became a webinar focused on novel materials and methods for printed circuit fabrication and moderated by ICT Chair Emma Hudson.

Toward Imperceptible Electronics That You Cannot See or Feel

01/11/2021 | Osaka University
Transparent electronics—such as head-up displays that allow pilots to read flight data while keeping their eyes ahead of them—improve safety and allow users to access data while in transit.
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