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Paul Cooke of Ventec Talks About Glassless Revolution, High Reliability

04/09/2024 | Marcy LaRont, PCB007 Magazine
Marcy LaRont from I-Connect007 caught up with Paul Cooke from Ventec at the SMTA UHDI Symposium on March 26 in Arizona. Paul discusses the challenges in developing future product lines for extremely high density, high reliability manufacturing, and focuses on the transition from glass to glassless substrate technology. He explains the advantages of using pure resin systems, enabling fabricators to create thinner materials for micro vias.

New Materials Simplify Fab and Design Processes

11/02/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
During PCB West, Andy Shaughnessy and Kelly Dack met with Paul Cooke, senior director of business development, Ventec International Group. In this interview, Paul discusses some of the global trends he’s seeing in new materials that address the issue of stacked microvia failure, and his drive to educate North American designers about the use of pure resin and no-flow materials. 

Trouble in Your Tank: Processes to Support IC Substrates and Advanced Packaging, Part 4

09/28/2023 | Michael Carano -- Column: Trouble in Your Tank
In a previous column, the critical process of desmear and its necessity to ensure a clean copper surface connection was presented. Now, my discussion will focus on obtaining a void-free and tightly adherent copper plating deposit on these surfaces. After the desmear process, the task is to insure a continuous, conductive, and void-free deposit on the via walls and capture pad. Today, there are several processes that can be utilized to render vias conductive.

Trouble in Your Tank: Processes to Support IC Substrates and Advanced Packaging, Part 3

08/11/2023 | Michael Carano -- Column: Trouble in Your Tank
In two previous columns, I explored several of the key competencies and processes required to successfully jump into IC substrates. In this edition, the key process of desmear will be explored. These processing steps require additional improvements over normal through-holes due to small diameter through-holes and blind vias. Getting process chemistries down into these small holes can be very difficult, especially if they have any trapped air bubbles.

Elementary, Mr. Watson: Slash Sheets a ‘Smorgasbord’ of Materials

05/15/2023 | John Watson -- Column: Elementary, Mr. Watson
Slash sheets touch on materials, one of my favorite areas of PCB design, and what I refer to as “the buffet of the PCB world.” After all, this smorgasbord of materials comes in an endless variety, with differing balances of reinforcement and resin, from different manufacturers and vendors, and from a variety of sources. Add the possibility of out-of-date or deteriorated panels, and it makes ensuring the quality of your next PCB design a real hit or miss.
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