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Real Time with... productronica 2023: Neil Chamberlain Discusses Polar’s Vast Database 

11/21/2023 | Real Time with...productronica
Neil Chamberlain, European sales manager for Polar Instruments, and Editor Pete Starkey discuss how the company responds to industry's need to analyze a huge variety of materials. Neil explains how Polar has rolled with the punches as the number of materials continues to grow each year.

Northrop Grumman Completes Essential Tests for Arctic Region Satellite Communications Program

11/08/2023 | Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman Corporation has successfully completed Thermal Vacuum tests on the Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission (ASBM), a two-satellite constellation designed to deliver broadband communications to the Northern polar region for the U.S. Space Force and Space Norway.

Northrop Grumman Achieves Key Milestone in Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission

08/08/2023 | Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman Corporation has delivered two major components of the Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission (ASBM) and has started the next phase of pre-launch preparations.

Lupita Maurer Appointed President at Polar Instruments, Inc

07/27/2023 | Polar Instruments
Coinciding with our move to new offices in central Beaverton, OR, Polar appoints Lupita Maurer as President of Polar Instruments, Inc.

The Pulse: Rough Roughness Reasoning

07/20/2023 | Martyn Gaudion -- Column: The Pulse
Reliable bonding reduces the risk of delamination through thermal stresses. The tried-and-tested way of achieving a good, reliable bond is to ensure that the copper is sufficiently rough to promote adhesion to the epoxy resin in the prepreg material. As materials and bonding technology improves, the copper surfaces can be made increasingly flatter and still achieve the desired reliability. In the future, new bonding methods—some already here but still on the high-priced side of the equation— may allow extremely flat copper to bond reliably. Meanwhile, as the industry is heading down the road of “smoother” copper, there is still a need to model the effects of a rough surface on signal transmission.
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