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The Chemical Connection: Don’t Just Blame the Etcher

09/25/2023 | Don Ball -- Column: The Chemical Connection
If your HDI or UHDI production process is quality challenged, don’t assume your etcher is to blame. Many factors impact the quality of the final product, so assess broadly, and you may find that the “the devil is in the details.” Generally, the first place most people can get good product specification measurement is at the end of the etching process, It’s natural and easy to blame quality shortcomings on the etcher. By all means, look at your etcher and invest some time trying to improve its performance but don’t stop there. Other factors may be affecting the etch uniformity.

Maggie Benson’s Journey: What Is the Profit Potential?

09/22/2023 | Ronald C. Lasky -- Column: Maggie Benson's Journey
Editor’s note: Indium Corporation’s Ron Lasky continues this series of columns about Maggie Benson, a fictional character, to demonstrate continuous improvement and education in SMT assembly. In this installment, Paul LaCroix tests his math skills in determining how much to spend on a component placement machine and what his earning potential might be.

Developing a Fabrication Business Strategy

09/05/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about business strategies for PCB manufacturers here in the pages of PCB007 Magazine. But let’s back up a bit and look at the process for developing a new strategy. Where should you even begin? What’s your strategy for developing a strategy, if you will? We asked Chris Chapman, a Lean/Agile leadership coach and publisher of the Digestible Deming newsletter, to share his thoughts on developing successful business strategies and how the management philosophy of W. Edwards Deming can help leaders in our industry take their companies to the next level.

North American PCB Industry Sales Up 23% in July

08/31/2023 | IPC
IPC announced the July 2023 findings from its North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. The book-to-bill ratio stands at 1.01.

American Standard Circuits Celebrates 35 Years in Business

08/24/2023 | American Standard Circuits
American Standard Circuits is pleased to announce that on August 25th they will be celebrating 35 years of doing business. Starting with a small facility in the Libertyville, Illinois area, ASC has grown to be one of the major leaders in the North American Printed Circuit Board Market. In 1994 the company moved to a larger facility in Franklin Park and then to their current facility in West Chicago in 2004.
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