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Kyocera AVX is Acquiring Assets of Bliley Technologies

10/02/2023 | PRNewswire
The asset transfer acquisition will bring Bliley's equipment, people, and IP under the KYOCERA AVX umbrella and allow KYOCERA AVX to produce the same high-quality electronic components that made Bliley a global leader.

Rigid-flex Design Guidelines 

09/27/2023 | Cherie Litson, CID+, Litson1 Consulting
Rigid-flex circuits are unique structures; part rigid board and part flex, they’re increasingly working their way into many of the electronic devices we use every day. There have been many advances in rigid-flex lately as more companies find themselves exploring this technology. So, before I started writing this article about rigid-flex design, I double-checked a few things. Fortunately, there is plenty of rigid-flex information available on a variety of great websites that we all know and trust.

Cutting-edge Inspection Challenges

09/26/2023 | Brent Fischthal, Koh Young America
Koh Young’s Brent Fischthal explains how UHDI and advanced packaging are challenging inspection systems. He says the shift toward larger components and advanced packaging brings a host of challenges that impact the industry. These challenges include complexity, density, package diversity, and inspection methodologies, all of which necessitate a more innovative approach.

Seika Machinery Announces Special Sale on McDry DXU-580UF Feeder Storage Cabinet

09/15/2023 | Seika Machinery, Inc.
Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to announce a special sale on the McDry DXU-580UF Feeder Storage Cabinet.

IDTechEx Asks Where Flexible Hybrid Electronics Add the Most Value

09/11/2023 | PRNewswire
Can digital and/or high throughput manufacturing be applied to circuit boards? Can stretchable electronics be produced without sacrificing processing capabilities?
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