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Nanusens Technology is Key to Enabling AI to be Smarter

09/25/2023 | Nanusens
The problem at the moment is that sensors are currently manufactured on a tiny sliver of silicon, or die, by a small number of specialist companies with each sensor type being produced on a dedicated production line so it is hard to ramp up production.

Gartner Identifies Five Technologies That Will Transform the Digital Future of Enterprises

09/15/2023 | Gartner, Inc.
Gartner, Inc. highlighted five technologies that will transform the digital future of organizations. They include digital humans, satellite communications, tiny ambient IoT, secure computation and autonomic robots.

Electronics Industry Supply Chains Look Healthy; Inventories Expand

09/01/2023 | IPC
Though cost pressures continue to impact the electronics industry, product demand and inventories remain positive, leading to a healthy supply chain per IPC’s August 2023 Global Sentiment of the Electronics Supply Chain Report.

Three Ways to Improve High-Speed PCB Signoff, Part 1

09/06/2023 | Brad Griffin, Cadence Design Systems
Signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) are top priorities for engineers designing today’s high-speed, high-density circuit boards, and faster signoff of designs can be achieved by uncovering SI/PI issues early in the design process, before costly respins are required. Three key issues engineers need to overcome to sign off on high-speed PCB designs include power analysis, serializer/deserializer (SerDes) link compliance, and double data rate (DDR) memory interface compliance.

What’s Your Process for Developing a Strategy?

08/24/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
Dr. Tim Rodgers might not call himself a “business strategies guru,” but the moniker certainly fits. As an adjunct faculty instructor at the University of Colorado, Tim specializes in project management, problem-solving, and streamlining processes in engineering and manufacturing. Plus, Tim knows the business side of PCB fabrication. We asked Tim to discuss the process of developing a successful business strategy for PCB fabricators, why operational efficiency is not a strategy itself, and how smaller companies can differentiate themselves in an industry that’s becoming more and more commoditized.
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