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Do You Think Enough About Ergonomics?

05/15/2024 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
Vitorio Lorenzini, a workstation design expert with Assembled Product Specialists, discusses the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. He emphasizes the value of early involvement in workstation planning to optimize space and resources, ultimately enhancing workflow efficiency. 

Real Time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2024: Modernizing a PCB Facility

05/13/2024 | Real Time with...IPC APEX EXPO
Aidan Salvi, chief transformation officer at Amitron, discusses modernizing the company's PCB facility including equipment selection, installation, process redefinition, staff upskilling, university engagement, and customer relationship building. Emphasizing that this is a significant endeavor not to be undertaken lightly, Aidan highlights the importance of focus, software technology use, and a step-by-step approach to modernization. He recommends caution when assessing whether to approach factory modernization as one big project or take a more measured approach to modernize in segments.

Podcast Review: On the Line with… Designing for Reality

05/09/2024 | Duane Benson, Positive Edge LLC
As a technologist, if I were forced to come up with just one recurring theme that I might call a professional “nemesis,” it would be the difference between theory and reality. A lot of technology we have at our disposal works well in theory but falls short when reality hits. That’s not the only reason I chose to listen to and review On the Line with… Designing for Reality, featuring a series of conversations with ASC Sunstone’s Matt Stevenson, but it certainly helped that the title caught my eye.

It’s Only Common Sense: Would You Join Your Own Company?

05/06/2024 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: It's Only Common Sense
In the past few years, I have heard many company runners complaining about their workforce. They tell me that the government is paying people too much money not to work, too many young people are not interested in working every day, and there is just not the work ethic there once was when they were young.

It’s Only Common Sense: Nice Guys Really Can Finish First

04/29/2024 | Dan Beaulieu -- Column: It's Only Common Sense
You've heard the adage, “Nice guys finish last.” This hasn’t proven true for me. In fact, I’ve found it to be the exact opposite. On the other hand, I got stories about not-so-nice guys that have ended disastrously. There was the guy who fired his salesperson because he was in the grocery store buying a turkey on the day before Thanksgiving. This guy fired his salesperson on the spot, and then went on to brag about it. I wonder how that guy’s business is going today.
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