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DigiKey Debuts City Digital Season 4 Video Series Focused on Artificial Intelligence

06/28/2024 | Digi-Key
DigiKey, a leading global commerce distributor offering the largest selection of technical components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment, announced the release of Season 4 of the City Digital video series, “AI in the Smart World,” sponsored by Molex and STMicroelectronics.

ASC Sunstone Talks Imaging in Latest Podcast Episode

06/11/2024 | I-Connect007
Each circuit board is composed of a one-of-a-kind pattern of metal connections representing the specific design for that circuit. So, how do those unique features get mapped onto the board? Find out in this episode as Matt Stevenson paints a picture of the outer layer imaging process.

Listen Up: Popular Podcast Series Returns With Discussion of Electroless Copper

05/16/2024 | I-Connect007
In the latest episode of the podcast series, On the Line With: Designing for Reality, Nolan Johnson returns to Sunstone Circuits in Mulino, OR, to continue down the manufacturing process with Matt Stevenson.

Podcast Review: On the Line with… Designing for Reality

05/09/2024 | Duane Benson, Positive Edge LLC
As a technologist, if I were forced to come up with just one recurring theme that I might call a professional “nemesis,” it would be the difference between theory and reality. A lot of technology we have at our disposal works well in theory but falls short when reality hits. That’s not the only reason I chose to listen to and review On the Line with… Designing for Reality, featuring a series of conversations with ASC Sunstone’s Matt Stevenson, but it certainly helped that the title caught my eye.

On the Line With… Talks With Cadence Expert on SI/PI for PCB Designers

05/02/2024 | I-Connect007
In “PCB 3.0: A New Design Methodology—SI/PI for PCB Designers,” subject matter expert Brad Griffin, Cadence Design Systems, discusses how an intelligent system design methodology can move some signal and power integrity decision-making into the physical design space, offering real-time feedback. 
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